New patented*


to clean your roofgutter yourself
without climbing on a ladder.

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*European patent EP 2537997



New patented* roofgutter cleaning device for 1-2 family homes up to approximately 23 feet eaves height, to clean your roofgutter yourself without using a ladder.

  • No risk of accidents falling from a ladder
  • Long use without additional costs
  • Rapid payback in comparison to costs for cleaning your gutters by a company
  • Easy to operate, also for women



  • No risk of accidents to fall from a ladder, because you don't need one
  • Easy cleaning your roof gutter from the ground
  • Specially suitable for estates with a lot of high trees,where the gutters must be cleaned often
  • Because the gutter is sucked clean, you don't get blocked tubes
  • Quick, clean, easy operation
  • Cleaning control via mirror
  • Powerfull quality wet-dry vacuum cleaner, the accessorys as suction hose with connecting piece, suction tubes, crevice nozzle and floor nozzle can be used with the adapter


New patentented* gutter cleaning device for 1-2 family homes up to 23 feet eaves height, to clean your gutters easily yourself without stepping on a ladder.

Greater heights up to 33 feet on request, we like to help and advise you for special solutions, call us

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*European patent EP 2537997


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