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to clean your roofgutter yourself
without climbing on a ladder.

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*European patent EP 2537997

1. Has the roofguttersucker enough sucking performance?

The roofguttersucker has a good tested sucking performance, even at 10m length ( app.30 feet).

2. Get also fir-trees and pine-tree needles sucked?

The roofguttersucker sucks needles, small branches and also fir-cones.

3. Will the sucking power always remain?

If tubes, hose and filter got clean as described in the operating instructions, the sucking performance will remain.

4. Can roofgutters of different width get cleaned?

The jet-diameter is suitable for standard roofgutters. For small roofgutters take the small nozzle and for wide roofgutters its possible to take the big nozzle.

5. How much weight have the tubes at 7m ( app.20 feet) eaves height?

To work the whole tube has to be lifted app. 5-10 cm ( 2-4 inch) and set further, so the weight is not important. A tube of 2m length weights app. 1 kg ( 2,2 pounds), for an eaves height of 7m ( 20 feet ) you need 6m tube which weights app.3 kg ( 6,6 pounds ).

6. Can the wet-dry vacuumcleaner accessory get used?

Yes, with the mounted adapter yuo can use the accessory parts.

7. Can the roofguttersucker also used for sucking leaves from the ground?

Yes, you can suck leaves off your frontgarden and underwood.

8. Can there be a constipation?

Yes, there can be constipations, specially if the roofgutter got not cleaned a long time and leaves or needles get clumped. In this case switch out the wet-dry vacuumcleaner, the stopper falls down, switch on again and continue working. If the roofgutter get cleaned continually there will be less disturbances.

9. Is it difficult to stick the tubes together?

Important! Use always slide material good. For sticking put the tubes straight, hold with both hands at the swelling and stick with power. Slide material also eases the separation of the tubes.