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to clean your roofgutter yourself
without climbing on a ladder.

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*European patent EP 2537997

"Dear Mr. Wiesner !
Approxemately 4 weeks ago you delivered a roofguttersucker. I have been very sceptical about this device because I was told that their is nothing reasonable on the market. By chance I found your website in the internet. 
I tested the roofguttersucker now at dry and also at wet weather and can confirm you that I am very satisfied with the device . The roofguttersucker removes easily all leaves in the roofgutter and with the mounted mirror I have an immediate result control. 
Because I have many trees in the garden the roofgutter has to be cleaned often. That maent always climbing on the ladder. This was much effort und dangerous, besides that it took much time. Now I don't use a ladder anymore und the danger ist gone.
Summary I can say that the roofguttersucker surpasses all my expects and I can recommend the device.

Best regards
Ulrich Dannemann"


"Dear Mr. Wiesner !
I tested your roofguttersucker now first time at a relativ great angel-bungalow on a slope. Not always climbing on the ladder up and down makes it quiet easy to use. The roofguttersucker fulfiled its task perfect. Now I used the device two times and was very happy with the result, the mirror gave me a good look into the roofgutter what I did not expect. Excellent solution, many thanks.

Best regards
Dr. P. Kaulen"