New patented*


to clean your roofgutter yourself
without climbing on a ladder.

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*European patent EP 2537997

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The roofguttersucker will be sold by assignment before delivery.
The selling price includes tax and send off.
Because of the volume of the device the delivery comes in two packages.



Deliveryvolume A

Roofguttersucker for houses up to 20m (60 ft) roofgutterlength.

1. Delivery within Germany for 349,- €

3. Delivery within foreign EU-countries 379,- € 

Deliveryvolume B

Roofguttersucker for houses with more than 20 m ( 60 ft ) roofgutterlength. Bigger storage container ( less emptying of container ) and more power.

1. Delivery within Germany for 449,- €

3. Delivery within foreign EU-countries 479,- € 


Deliveryvolume C


Deliveryvolume D

Roofguttersucker for building cleaning companys for more than 1000m (3000 ft) roofgutter.
Real big storage container with tilting frame, powerfull.

1. Delivery within Germany for 1499,- €

2. Delivery within foreign EU-countries 1549,- €


Deliverys to foreign countries ( not EU ) and worldwide on request.
Attention ! At deliverys to foreign counties you may be need an adapter 200-240V7 10A to use the device.

Storage of contract
Your orderdata will be stored until contract processing. Your orderdata are not accessible anymore via internet after oerdering, but will be query at us until storage of contract. You get all your datas after ordering by email, also for printing. Our general terms and conditions of business can be retrieved under